Wilson TDJ Composite Youth Football
The Wilson TDJ Composite Junior Football features a premium composite leather cover, multi layered lining and a rubber bladder for maximum durability. The ACL laces are made of pebbled composite to offer a better grip than traditional laces. Play like a pro with Wilson TDJ Junior Football.
  • Youth football for 9-12 year olds
  • Composite leather
  • High definition pebble grip for superior handle
  • 174% more grip than traditional laces
  • Patented 3-ply VPU bladder made in the USA for increased durability and air retention
  • Grip stripes
  • Approved by Youth programs for play
  • Item #: WTF1713
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WTF1713

Wilson TDJ Composite Youth Football

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