TCK Perimeter 2.0 BC Aware Socks
Show your support for the fight against breast cancer! The Twin City Perimeter 2.0 Pink Aware Socks look great and perform well in competition. Great for any sport especially football in october!
  • Graphite/Hot Pink/White.
  • Moisture and blister control.
  • Arch compression. Breathable mesh. Ergonomic cushion.
  • Double welt top. Heel/toe design.
  • 93% nylon, 5% elastic, 2% lycra spandex.
  • Size Large
  • Item #: TCK-BCACREW
  • Manufacturer: TCK
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TCK-LPBCC2

TCK Perimeter 2.0 BC Aware Socks

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