SportStar Adult Gx-4 HydroGel Hardcup Chin Strap
Do you ever wonder what kind of chin straps you see the guys in the NFL wearing with the big "S" stamped in the middle of it? That is the SportStar Adult Gx-4 HydroGel Hardcup Chin Strap and they wear it because it is believed by equipment managers to be the safest chin strap ever made! The Gx-4 offers 4 layers of protection combined with the Hydro Gel Pad to enhance comfort and keep you extremely protected on the gridiron! High density, medical grade EVA foam is anatomically molded to snug up to your chin to ensure protection. Throughout the chin strap there are strategically placed air vents to allow cooling. The plastic outer layer is designed to deflect impact away from your chin! As always, Endzone Sports promises to bring you the best technology used at elite levels to protect our customers!
  • SportStar Gx-4 HydroGel
  • Hydrogel provides perfect fit
  • Hydrogel disperses force away from chin
  • Believed to be the safest chinstrap on the market
  • Vented EVA foam absorbs impact energy and provides air flow
  • Hard cup plastic shell disperses shock from chin
  • ShockStop dampens energy on direct hits
  • Patented strap splitter offers perfect fit for virtually any helmet
  • Low hook up or high hook up


  • Item #: GX4-Stock
  • Manufacturer: SportStar
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Gx4

SportStar Adult Gx-4 HydroGel Hardcup Chin Strap

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