SportStar Adult Gx-4 Custom HydroGel Chin Strap
The best chin strap on the market can be customized to your teams specific colors! The SportStar Adult Gx-4 Custom HydroGel Chin Strap is worn at all levels of play including the NFL. The safest chin strap on the market offers you 4 layers of protection including the HydroGel pad, medical grade EVA foam, plastic chin cup and the shock stop provide optimal protection and comfort for the chin of each player that wears it. 
Customize your chin strap to your specifications choosing the color of your outer shell, foam padding, shock stop logo, adjustable splitter and straps to get the desired look and protection every elite football player wants!
  • 4 Layers of Elite protection
  • Hydraulic action for a custom fit to each player
  • Medical grade EVA foam
  • Impact-resistant shell
  • Patented strap splitter allows you to choose either a high or low helmet hookup
  • Protective HydroGelPad conforms to your chin
  • ShockStop insert absorbs energy from impact on hard hits
  • Ergonomically designed and engineered
  • Used by players at youth football through the NFL
  • Over 1 million color combinations to match his team's look
  • Fits all helmet brands except Xenith


  • Item #: Gx4-Custom
  • Manufacturer: SportStar
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Gx4-C

SportStar Adult Gx-4 Custom HydroGel Chin Strap

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