Shock Doctor 509 Ultra Pro Chin Strap
The Shock Doctor 509 Ultra Pro Chin Strap is built for football players looking for the best in performance and protection. Lightweight and comfortable, the Ultra Pro Hard Cup Chin Strap allows for maximum airflow utilizing custom cooling channels. Great for all levels of play, these hard cup chin straps are available in several sizes to fit every football player!
  • Multi-layered design provides exceptional impact protection.
  • Airflow channels dissipate heat and keep you cooler, longer.
  • Washable liner is bacteria-resistant and can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • 4-Point High/Low system provides excellent coverage.
  • Triple-grip snaps keep the chin cup firmly in place.
  • Item #: SD-509
  • Manufacturer: Shock Doctor
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SD-509

Shock Doctor 509 Ultra Pro Chin Strap

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