Fisher Varsity Series Football Goal Post Pad


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Football Goal Post Pads:
  • Wraps football goal posts for a custom look
  • Perfect for high schools, colleges, and organizations
  • Heavy-duty 18oz. coated vinyl nylon covers
  • Solid polyfoam cylinder features a center cutout to match your goal
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS safety standards


  • Available in 16 color options: Gold, Black, Red, Forest Green, Kelly  Green, Brown, Maroon, Orange, Grey, Royal, Navy, Purple, Tan, White, Sky Blue, and Teal
  • Customized to match your goal post - Provide pole diameter or circumference when ordering
  • Choose height and outside diameter:
    • GPP200 - 6' H, 22" OD
    • GPP400 - 6' H, 13" OD
    • GPP300 - 6' H, 18" OD
    • GPP4007 - 7' H, 13" OD
    • GPP3007 - 7'  H, 18" OD
      • *Prices vary by size. Please call for pricing quotes.
  • School and team logos available - Print your unique school logo on the pads or choose from Fisher's collection of logos

  • Item #: GPP200
  • Manufacturer: Fisher Athletic
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GPP200
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, British

Fisher Varsity Series Football Goal Post Pad

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